This rolling cabinet is suitable anywhere from home workshops to more demanding professional environments. It provides plenty of room to organize tools of all different sizes and trades. Each drawer is rated for 100 lbs. with smooth opening ball bearing slides, corrosion resistant drawer pulls and pre-cut drawer liners. One side-mounted tubular handle and four rugged 5 x 2-inch casters make this cabinet easy to move around your workspace so your tools are readily accessible.

  • Each drawer features 100 pound load rated smooth ball bearing slides with hold-in detents, full length pulls, and matching non-slip drawer liners
  • Powder coated finish stands tough against wear and tear
  • Internal locking system with a 7-pin round keyed barrel lock keeps your items secure
  • Heavy duty, 5-inch locking casters (2 swivel, 2 rigid) 
  • One side handle installs to either side, allow for easy mobility (additional side handles available
  • Optional bulk storage panel for even more storage capacity!
  • Built to last and protected by a limited lifetime warranty


Overall Dimensions with casters and bulk storage compartment:

47.5 ” H x 29″ W (with handle. 26.75″ without)  x 18.75″ D


Overall Dimensions with casters but without bulk storage compartment:

34.5″ H x 29″ W (with handle. 26.75″ without)  x 18.75″ D


Inside Drawer Dimensions (starting from top drawer):

  • 1) 22.37″ W x 15.87″ D x 2.12″ H
  • 2) 22.37″ W x 15.87″ D x 3.12″ H
  • 3) 22.37″ W x 15.87″ D x 3.12″ H
  • 4) 22.37″ W x 15.87″ D x 5.12″ H
  • 5) 22.37″ W x 15.87″ D x 7.12″ H

Inside Bulk Storage Compartment Dimensions:

  • 26″ W x 17.75″ D x 13″ H

*Caution* To avoid risk of tipover, please distribute weight evenly and do not have more than one drawer open at a time.

*Shipping included to Lower 48 States.

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